Than Sadet Koh Phangan National Park

Koh Phangan – Angthong National Park

With 40% of the Koh Phangan Island protected area and natural wonder as Koh Ma Island its makes one of the most visited National Park in Thailand.

Koh Phangan Island has a diverse topography which features dense and untouched rainforest, waterfalls; mountains and deserted coves. Along with the many ancient temples to visit these attractions make the Phangan Island both a beautiful and a spiritual place. Several spots on the island are a must see!

The best of the scenic viewpoints on the Island is Khao Raa which offers a challenging 2hr trek to the mountain’s 630m summit. Other viewpoints include Dome Sila viewpoint, Wat Khao Tam Temple and Mr Pongs Paradise.

The pick of the waterfalls are the epic Phaeng Waterfall and the Than Sadet waterfalls. The latter sights ancient inscribed rocks which sit amongst an array of sacred freshwater falls. Also worth a look are Paradise Waterfall, Wansai Waterfall and Than Prawes Waterfall however the flow of water varies according to seasonal rainfall.

Other attractions include Leam Son Lake (Srithanu), the Islands biggest tree (near Wat Pho), the sand bar at Koh Ma, the fishing village of Chaloklum and the coves of Thong Nai Pan.

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